Mission project for March 2018 meeting: Welcome Home bags

As your Mission Interpreter, I thought it would be good to work with a San Antonio-based mission partner since we’re meeting there. 🙂

I’ve asked Judy Harris for a recommendation, and she suggested The Center for Refugee Services ( www.sarefugees.org ).  There are many refugees in San Antonio, including women from Sudan and Myanmar. And among other initiatives, the Center helps immigrant expectant and new mothers by getting them medical care, providing emotional support, and friendship before and after their babies are born. They also give them a Welcome Home Bag—which we thought would make a great collection project for us!

So that no one feels compelled to stock a complete bag, I’ve made a sign-up list over at SignUp Genius. Sign up for as many things as you like—notice that each list-item asks for multiples, so you can sign up for one of lots of things or multiple of just one thing… however works for you!

Together we will create 10 Welcome Home Bags!

One Welcome Home Bag for a refugee mother includes:

2 bibs, 2 newborn sleepers, 2 receiving blankets, 4 onesies, 1 bottle baby wash, 1 package newborn diapers, a toy for a 0-3 month infant, 2 hats, 2 pairs of socks, 2 washcloths, 1 baby towel, package of baby wipes, and a board book. Place all unwrapped items in a reusable shopping bag.

If you plan on completing your own bag (or bringing multiple completed bags), email Kimbol directly—and skip the signup!—so she knows to expect them.

Thank you!


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