If you weren’t at the PWSCT meeting, you missed these brownies!!  If you were there, you know you wanted this recipe!  Enjoy, and thanks to Chris for sending it along.

 Hope all of you had safe travel home.  I sincerely appreciate all of you being there and making it a productive meeting.  And think of our PW friends from Mission Presbytery who are enjoying their Gathering at Mo-Ranch this weekend.

 Keep up with our web site (and thanks to Pam Roe for the new design!) for the committee reports that were given last Saturday morning. 

 Kathy White reports that the offering was $735 which will be divided between the PW Mission Pledge and the PW Global Exchange program to help bring a group of Indonesian women to the USA the week before our Churchwide PW Gathering next summer.  If anyone is interested in helping to host (or co-host) one of these women the last week of July, please let me know so I can put you in touch with Kathy Reeves in the PW office in Louisville for more information.  Kathy White and I will be sending out the checks and letters to the recipients of donations from our Texas Presbyterian Foundation funds:  $2,500 to the PW Mission Pledge; $1,250 to SPJ across the border from El Pas, Texas (builds homes, etc. for families in need); and $1,250 to “BIG,” a day vocational program in Georgetown, Texas for adults with special needs—a 501©3 non-profit organization.

 Best wishes for your up-coming Spring Gatherings and completing the study of “Who Is Jesus?”

 More information will follow on how we will conduct our “electronic meeting” in July.  Our next face-to-face meeting (and we hope Chris brings brownies again) will be March, 2018.  I will send out information later about getting information on the best dates to accommodate working members, those who need to be in their own congregations on Sunday, Presbytery meeting dates to avoid if you are involved, etc.  I appreciate Sharon Carson’s suggestion of alternating days for SCT meetings so that if you are inconvenienced one time, then next time the sequence of days will be different, etc. 

 And I am still having problems with hearing due to ears being stopped up after two flights.  If I missed something in the meeting, I hope Patti includes it in her minutes!

 Carol Davis


Positive Changes!!!!!

Don’t be shocked on the appearance of the main site. In the coming months the site will be changing. I am trying to get the site more “user friendly”, bigger words.

Go ahead and send any reports or items you may want on the site to me at moc.oohaynull@eoralemap

Thanks for your patience in this matter.

USA Mission Experience and

Janet Theus gave a moving discussion of her time participating in the 2016 USA Mission Experience (USAME). She is available to share what she experienced, what she’s learned, and what she’s discovered you also can do to help address the issues surrounding human trafficking.

One resource you can share immediately are these posters: Read More…



The CCT met by ZOOM, March 2. ZOOM is an online program similar to Skype, as each member logs in and you see each other as you meet. Every committee met by ZOOM or face to face prior to the meetings. Reports were posted as we met or many were logged in on their computers and used their kindles or phones to read along. It went surprising well, mostly because reports were sent and reviewed before the meeting.

Committee Reports Read More…