2021 CW PW Gathering

“Rejoice in Hope” is the theme for the 2021 Churchwide PW Gathering. It will be August 5-8, 2021 in St. Louis, Missouri.

To receive monthly updates for the Gathering, go to www.presbyterianwomen.org and click on News and Updates at the bottom right-hand corner of the page. Then enter your email address. You should receive all information pertaining to PW Churchwide.

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Covid-19 Online Resources from PC(USA) and Presbyterian Disaster Assistance

Two resources you can start using today:

Covid-19 Resources–church leaders & members https://www.pcusa.org/

Provides a simple list of things churches and members can begin to do immediately.

Preparedness for Pandemics

Downloadable 3-page guide available in English, Spanish and Korean. https://pda.pcusa.org/pda/resource/disease-guidance-for-congregations/

This resource has guidelines you can put into action now.

Preparing your congregation for the next disaster

Disaster Preparedness Training–A Presbyterian Women/PDA Collaboration https://pda.pcusa.org/page/disaster-preparedness-pw-training/

Begun in 2015, the partnership was established to help congregations prepare for lightning, storm, flood, hurricane, fire–or a pandemic. PDA provides trainers who will visit your congregation to help you create and move forward with a plan incorporating your needs and strengths.

Going forward in the new normal

Faith in the Midst of Community Disaster https://pda.pcusa.org/page/disaster-preparedness/

A Bible study on Disaster Preparedness by Rev. Joan LeRoy Abell. Five sessions are presented along with meditations and litany. (24 pages)

Cultivating PW through the Mission Pledge

In March Sally Judge, who is the CCT Representative on the Synod of the Sun CT, traveled to Brenham, TX for a Spring Gathering. She displayed a “PW Flower Bucket” which represents Cultivating PW through the Mission Pledge. The Stewardship Committee of the PW Board of Directors assembled the basics and requested each Synod Representative to complete the arrangement to display at presbytery and synod PW events.

The “flower arrangement” is a fun way to share and promote the work of PW’s Annual Fund, also known as the Mission Pledge. Sally plans on visiting other presbytery events throughout the year.