Yellow Bucket Challenge: how many lightbulbs does it take…

Yellow Bucket Challenge LogoThe challenge is on!  Who has the most lightbulbs? Which PW can raise the most funds to support  our Synod-Wide Mission and Peace and Justice project? The Yellow Bucket Challenge not only supports Solar Under the Sun, but encourages individual PW groups to join together Continue reading “Yellow Bucket Challenge: how many lightbulbs does it take…”

Mission project for March 2018 meeting: Welcome Home bags

As your Mission Interpreter, I thought it would be good to work with a San Antonio-based mission partner since we’re meeting there. 🙂

I’ve asked Judy Harris for a recommendation, and she suggested The Center for Refugee Services ( ).  There are many refugees in San Antonio, including women from Sudan and Myanmar. And among other initiatives, the Center helps immigrant expectant and new mothers by getting them medical care, providing emotional support, and friendship before and after their babies are born. They also give them a Welcome Home Bag—which we thought would make a great collection project for us!

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“Torn bandage” box service project: craft idea

For our July 2017 meeting, I suggested we order “torn bandage” boxes from the Brethren Service Center, so that those thoughtful stewards could be relieved of their bandage-storage responsibility.

As someone who volunteers in managing collections, I think ordering the box and then tossing it blesses the Brethren Service Center mightily. I throw things away all the time, because storing them is no longer a blessing for those using the collection and frankly, there’s no further practical use for them. (Not even book resellers are interested in a devotional book from 1954. They throw them away, too.)

But I heard the struggle in many of your voices about ordering something and then just throwing it away?!?

To help with that, I’ve come up with a craft idea: DOG TUG TOYS! Continue reading ““Torn bandage” box service project: craft idea”

One year later: USA Mission Experience to San Francisco/Bay Area

One year ago, Janet Theus was preparing to travel with Presbyterian Women sisters to the Bay Area for nine days, to be a part of the 2016 USA Mission Experience. You can read her full account here, but below are a few excerpts:

We were going to witness the faithful work being done by our sisters in the San Francisco and San Jose’ presbyteries.  Their work and dedication to God’s promise of a beloved community would prove to be the most amazing experience of this Mission trip.

Our goals were: (1) Learn about victims of sexual trafficking, human slavery, domestic violence, the homeless, and immigration issues. (2) Develop skills to advocate for these victims and (3) Explore personal stories to examine the myths and realities associated with these victim’s experiences and (4) Identify resources to help eliminate these scourges against humanity.

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