PWSCT Photo Roster

  • Terri McKissack, Secretary
  • Emily Fleshman, Treasurer-Elect (7/18)
    Emily Fleshman, Treasurer
  • Sally Judge
    Sally Judge, CCT Representative
  • Julie Nice, Leadership Coordinator
  • Kimbol Soques
    Julie Launey, Mission Interpreter
  • Pam Dotson
    Pam Dotson, Communications Coordinator
  • Ava Kimble, African American Coordinator
  • Suzan Wang, Asian American Coordinator
  • Kay Hummel
    Kay Hummell, Search Committee Member
  • Liz Anzaldua, Search Committee Member
  • Barbara Younger, Representative, Cimarron Presbytery
  • Sandra Hayes
    Sandra Hayes, Moderator, Eastern Oklahoma Presbytery
  • Kristen Campbell, Moderator, New Covenant Presbytery
  • Chris Evans
    Chris Evans, Moderator, Pines Presbytery
  • Kelly Hernandez
    Kelly Hernandez, Representative, Tres Rios Presbytery
  • Sheri Dittman, Co-Moderator, (3/22) Mission Presbytery 4/21
    Sheri Dittman, Co-Moderator, Mission Presbytery
  • Vicki Erickson, Co-moderator, Arkansas Presbytery
  • Maryann Sweeney, Co-moderator, Arkansas Presbytery and Search Committee Member
  • Susan Nethery, Representative, Palo Duro Presbytery
  • Kathy Randall, Moderator Team, South Louisiana
  • Jeanie Clinton, Moderator Team, South Louisiana
  • Cheryl Pennington, Justice & Peace Coordinator
  • Estela Sifuentes, Search Committee Member
  • Kathy White
    Kathy White, Moderator
  • Meg Garver-Hamilton, Historian and Horizon's Representative and Moderator, Grace
  • Lori Black, Co-Moderator, Mission

3 thoughts on “PWSCT Photo Roster”

  1. I absolutely LOVE seeing the faces of all the ladies who have been so gracious to me during my USA ME presentations.

  2. I heard comments about the number of us going off the board, however, I counted 9 of the members in the March 2017 SOS CT photo not in the 2018 meeting. I think a couple were just unable to attend.
    It has been great! Thanks for the experience!
    God bless,
    Vicki Maline

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