Mailing list: one address to find them all


That’s all you need to remember!

No more digging around your email archives for the last time someone emailed the group. No more wondering if the emails you’ve included are the ones that still work. No more wondering if you’ve remembered everyone.

Just put moc.tcennocwpsosnull@tcwpsos in the To: line of the message you want to send, and our mailing list takes care of all the rest!

  • The email addresses inside the list are not visible to the outside Internet. So they’re not harvestable by spam robots.
  • No email address that isn’t already on the list can send to the list. If you (like Kimbol!) have more than one email address, this might trip you up. Let Pam or Kimbol know when this happens, and we can make it right.
  • The email only comes to you if you tell us where you currently are -! So pretty please, let us know as soon as you change your email address.

Want to read list emails that came and went? You can use the archive!

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