Coordinating Team folk: notes about March

from a Jan 30th email from Carol:

  1. For the Dutch treat dinner on Friday, March 16: meet in the hotel lobby at 6:30, and we will form car pools to go to the restaurant. Judy Harris and Anne Little are working on a fun place for us to eat so more details on that later. Afterward we will return to the hotel for snacks/dessert and fun. Continue reading “Coordinating Team folk: notes about March”

CT Sisters, are you ready for Churchwide?

Our Coordinating Team Leadership group started warming up in December… where are you in your plans?

Be sure you’ve read through their summary of our ins and outs for this August’s Churchwide Gathering. Now you can plan your budget, start reviewing the Registration Booklet to see what workshops and activities you want to attend, and begin thinking about travel options! Continue reading “CT Sisters, are you ready for Churchwide?”

ZOOM your next Horizons study!


In preparing for the study of “Cloud of Witnesses:  The Community of Christ in Hebrews” by Melissa Bane Sevier, here are some suggestions for creating new on-line groups at your church.

[You can download this as a printable by right-clicking here and choosing “Save”.]

Q:   Why would PW at my church want to expand the study outside circle meetings?

A:   It could increase the number of women in Bible study to include those who do not regularly come to circle meetings.  It may also have the effect of increasing awareness about Presbyterian Women and their activities, missions, fellowship, and other good benefits! Continue reading “ZOOM your next Horizons study!”

“Torn bandage” box service project: craft idea

For our July 2017 meeting, I suggested we order “torn bandage” boxes from the Brethren Service Center, so that those thoughtful stewards could be relieved of their bandage-storage responsibility.

As someone who volunteers in managing collections, I think ordering the box and then tossing it blesses the Brethren Service Center mightily. I throw things away all the time, because storing them is no longer a blessing for those using the collection and frankly, there’s no further practical use for them. (Not even book resellers are interested in a devotional book from 1954. They throw them away, too.)

But I heard the struggle in many of your voices about ordering something and then just throwing it away?!?

To help with that, I’ve come up with a craft idea: DOG TUG TOYS! Continue reading ““Torn bandage” box service project: craft idea”