Coordinating Team folk: notes about March

from a Jan 30th email from Carol:

  1. For the Dutch treat dinner on Friday, March 16: meet in the hotel lobby at 6:30, and we will form car pools to go to the restaurant. Judy Harris and Anne Little are working on a fun place for us to eat so more details on that later. Afterward we will return to the hotel for snacks/dessert and fun. Search and the Moderators/Diverse Community Coordinators will have meetings combined with food and fun, and the rest will get to know each other with food and fun so we will have 3 rooms used for this. Those in meetings can join everyone else once their meetings are over. We will start on the snacks/desserts that are brought, and bring wine if you want to share this. I will have plastic/paper good for us to use. The food left Friday night should then be taken to the church on Saturday morning for us to enjoy all that day (NOT the wine!!) We can finish off the snacks/desserts and wine on Saturday evening if there is anything left!
  2. Have breakfast on Saturday, March 17, at the hotel/your home. Judy Harris will have coffee for us at the church when we start our meeting at 9 a.m., and she is working on the lunch and dinner menu which will be eaten at the church. So husbands are on their own for these meals! She would like to hear your preferences about first and second choice for Mexican, Italian, or American cuisine; e-mail Judy when you read this e-mail so she can finalize the menu!!
  3. Have breakfast on Sunday, March 18, at the hotel/your home, and check out of the hotel before you come to the church for a 9:30-10:30 closing meeting. We are all invited to the church’s coffee time at 10:30 before the 11:00 worship service. The pastor at Northwood PC is Rev. Traci Marie Smith; it will be the 5th. Sunday in Lent. Remember that we are not having a separate PWSCT worship service at this meeting since we can attend worship at Northwood—so we will not be having a separate offering.
  4. We are not planning on furnishing Sunday lunch since travel plans will vary. Judy says there are various types of restaurants and fast-food places in the area, and she and Anne can give you information if you need it. I will definitely need flight information for anyone needing shuttle service or a ride to the airport on Sunday.

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    1. I will reserve a private room for you on March 16 as you requested, and I know you are leaving after the evening meeting on March 17. Looking forward to seeing you! Carol Davis

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