“Torn bandage” box service project: craft idea

For our July 2017 meeting, I suggested we order “torn bandage” boxes from the Brethren Service Center, so that those thoughtful stewards could be relieved of their bandage-storage responsibility.

As someone who volunteers in managing collections, I think ordering the box and then tossing it blesses the Brethren Service Center mightily. I throw things away all the time, because storing them is no longer a blessing for those using the collection and frankly, there’s no further practical use for them. (Not even book resellers are interested in a devotional book from 1954. They throw them away, too.)

But I heard the struggle in many of your voices about ordering something and then just throwing it away?!?

To help with that, I’ve come up with a craft idea: DOG TUG TOYS! Continue reading ““Torn bandage” box service project: craft idea”